Our goals are to bring your child or teen to their full potential with accurate delivery of ABA therapy. We are compassionate and safe therapists that are concerned with success of your child as they work their way through our lesson plans.

Our center is located in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area of the state but we are able to provide in-home therapy in any region of Minnesota. Please let us speak to you about our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy alternatives for your child and/or teen. 

Our Qualifications

Our Goals

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    We are Clarion4 Autism Center Minnesota. We provide Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA ) to

     children and teens with autism in the Minneapolis - St. Paul and Minnesota area. Applied Behavior

     Analysis therapy is considered the most effective treatment for autism. 1 in 88 children will be diagnosed

     with autism. Clarion4 Autism Center provides autism assessments and treatments for these children. We

     are the most qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Center for the treatment of autism. Our professionals

     will provide effective Applied Behavior Analysis therapy with the outcomes that are expected with ABA.

     Research has proven the effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis with autism and our staff is able to

     provide autism ABA therapy in home, in school, after school, day, evenings, and weekends. We are

     caring and compassionate ABA therapists that have many years of experience with autism, children, and

     teens. Call us at 612-998-4948. We will assist you at helping your child develop at a rate expected with

     Applied Behavior Analysis. No need to worry about coverage. We will assist you in obtaining coverage.

Our staff are licensed in the state of Minnesota. We are trained in ABA therapy and the science behind it. We take annual trainings to update our knowledge and we expect to have your child learning and growing as expected.